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At Coast Community College District, we do more than educate minds; we foster next-generation leaders. When the learning that happens here is invested back into our community, all of Orange County becomes our classroom.

Stories of Impact

An education from one of the three colleges that comprise Coast Community College District is not only a sound investment, it’s also the future strength of Orange County. Meet three former students who have applied their education to build thriving businesses and careers.

Gabriel Caliendo Headshot

Gabriel Caliendo

Orange Coast College

Gabriel Caliendo

Before Gabriel Caliendo co-founded Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar as the vice president of research and development, he discovered the recipe for success at Orange Coast College, part of the Coast Community College District. It’s where he – like thousands of other students – bridged the connection between academics and real‑world success.

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Susan Schaben Headshot

Susan Schaben

Coastline Community College

Susan Schaben

Before Susan Schaben joined Johnson Attorneys Group as its director of legal marketing, this former journalist-turned-stay-at-home mother found the confidence to re-enter the workforce at Coastline Community College, part of the Coast Community College District.

Susan's Story

Blaise Bryant Headshot

Blaise Bryant

Golden West College

Blaise Bryant

Before Blaise Bryant founded Brymus Capital, this former NFL running back learned the playbook for entrepreneurship at Golden West College, part of the Coast Community College District.

Blaise's Story

Education Pays at Coast

Coast Community College District serves California taxpayers as a smart investment in the Orange County economy. Coast delivers a strong return on investment.

Orange County Gains Economic Surplus

$313.3 MILLION

Coast Community College District students contributed $313.3 million to the Orange County economy during one academic year.

Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work

Green Coins Converting Into Dollars

For every $1 of public money invested in Coast Community College District, Orange County taxpayers reap $3.90 over the course of students’ working lives.

Coast Education ROI
Outperforms Stocks

Graphic Representations of Stastics for Wages Earned Between CCCD Graduates and the Stock Market

Students gain an average annual rate of return of 13.3% in higher future wages — besting the 10-year 7.2% average return on the U.S. stock market

Spending Goes Back Into the Local Economy

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Coast Community College District payroll topped $179.5 million – largely spent on groceries, rent, eating out, clothing and other household expenses in Orange County.

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